A full day

of inspiration

October 7th


9am to 7pm



We have designed the Yes We Trust Summit to be an inspiring combination of public keynote sessions, dedicated moments of discussion and private networking.

Together with our partners, we have crafted a full-day program that should allow anyone to learn how to build trust through privacy in various areas of business.

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starting keynote

We had the pleasure to start the day with a keynote by someone who unveiled one of the world's biggest data scandals: Cambridge Analytica.

9am to 10am (CEST)

Keynote by

Brittany Kaiser

How can the digital industry gain the trust of consumers and companies, in an age were the use of data is both ubiquitous and mistrusted? What can we learn from the Cambridge Analytica scandal? What does it say about us as a society? 

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(time-zone better suited for European participants)

10am to 11am (CEST)

Yes We Trust

in Data

What value can companies place in data today? How can companies place trust in their raw data, how can it help take better decisions and be used in new ways without infringing privacy regulation? Can artificial intelligence become mainstream without causing distrust in the media?

Animated By
  • Daren Brabham
    Senior Director Analyst at ETR and former Business Analytics & Data Science analyst at Gartner
  • Johan Vrancken | Chief Revenue Officer at NAILBITER
  • Thea Backlar | VP Data & Analytics, Ogury
  • Caroline Goulard | CEO & Co-founder of Dataveyes
  • Florian Lichtwald | Managing Director & Chief Business Officer, Zeotap
  • Antonio Anguiano | VP Product at Didomi
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11am to 12pm (CEST)

Yes We Trust

in Compliance

Compliance is an opportunity not an obstacle. Replacing box-ticking with trust-building helps drive sales, customer retention and employee engagement. The panel will discuss the positive impact of good privacy practice with added insight from Securys’s recently published research "Privacy Made Positive."

Animated By
  • Ben Rapp
    Founder & Principal at Securys.
    Data privacy professional, serial entrepreneur and investor.
  • Vivienne Artz OBE | Managing Director & Chief Privacy Officer, LSEG
  • Marc Marrero| Director of Privacy, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Stef Elliott | Consultant, advisor to the ICO
  • Romain Gauthier | CEO at Didomi
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(time-zone better suited for North American participants)

3pm to 4pm (CEST)

Yes We Trust

in Technology

How can high-growth companies build and maintain a technology stack that drives results for business without compromising on transparency? What role does privacy play in an increasingly data- and technology-driven world ecosystem? How can technology be trustworthy when it uses so much personal data and artificial intelligence?

Animated By

Karim Lakhani
Leading technology management expert, Professor at Harvard Business School, author of “Competing in the Age of AI:”

  • Frédéric Rivain | CTO at Dashlane
  • Fei Liu | CTO at Litentry
  • Alexandre Nderagakura | Technical Director at IAB Europe
  • Jawad Stouli | CTO at Didomi
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4pm to 5pm (CEST)

Yes We Trust

in Marketing

How can high-growth companies attract and retain consumers? How should marketers build trust-based into customer relationships? What role does privacy play in an increasingly data- and technology-driven marketing ecosystem?

Animated By

Thales Teixeira
Co-Founder at Decoupling.co, former Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, author of “Unlocking the Customer Value Chain”

  • Selma Chauvin | VP International Marketing at UKG
  • Sonia Carreno | President at IAB Canada
  • Mike Audi | Founder at TIKI
  • Yannig Roth | VP Marketing at Didomi
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final keynote

The day has ended with a keynote by one of the world's most influential marketing thinkers, author of many books, including "Permission Marketing."

5pm to 6pm (CEST)

Keynote by

Seth Godin

How can companies stand out in today’s untrusting world ? Will consumers ever trust marketing or advertising ? What role does permission play in today’s world, and how can permission marketing drive performance ?

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The day's
happy ending

To end the Yes We Trust Summit on a high, we have organised a live-streamed cookie cooking show with a French chef. All registrants have received the shopping list before the event, in order to bake the world's best cookies!


Yes We Trust

Atelier Cookies

How about ending the day with a more informal activity? How about a cookie workshop, live with a French pastry chef, who will reveal an exclusive recipe?

Animated by
  • Eddie Benghanem

Chef at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the Trianon in Versailles, where he is responsible for the daily preparation of pastries and cakes.



To our partners

Without whom it would not have been possible to offer such a rich and inspiring program.