Yes We Trust in TECHNOLOGY


How can high-growth companies build and maintain a technology stack that drives results for business without compromising on transparency? What role does privacy play in an increasingly data- and technology-driven world ecosystem? What is your sense of the level of awareness about data privacy among your company's executive team?

Karim Lakhani (Harvard Business School Professor), Frédéric Rivain (CTO, Dashlane), Fei Liu (CTO, Litentry), Jawad Stouli (CTO, Didomi), Alexandre Nderagakura (Technical Director, IAB Europe) discuss.

“What we see from a business perspective is when you start asking your users if they agree to sharing data, yes a lot of them will say no. But users that say yes end up being more engaged and involved in your brand, and you naturally stop investing in people who are not interested. It’s a win win situation” Jawad Stouli, CTO Didomi

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