Yes We Trust in DATA


What is personal data, and who should it belong to? What value can companies place in data today? How can companies place trust in their raw data, how can it help take better decisions and be used in new ways without infringing privacy regulation?

Daren Brabham (Senior Director Analyst,, Florian Lichtwald (MD & Chief Business Officer, Zeotap), Thea Backlar (VP Product & Analytics, Ogury), Johan Vrancken (CRO, Nailbiter), Caroline Goulard (CEO, Dataveyes) and Antonio Anguiano (VP Product, Didomi) discuss.

“We cannot only rely on rules, because innovation will constantly change the game and regulation always follows. Therefore, education of users is essential, because they will ultimately decide what traces to leave online or not.” - Florian Lichtwald (MD & Chief Business Officer, Zeotap)

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